Our Selection

The Barons Market “Taste Team”, which is made up of managers, supervisors, buyers and the owner, Joe, gathers every Wednesday to evaluate anywhere from 80 to 120 new products. We deliberate on taste, ingredients, quality and price and we choose only a handful of items to add to our shelves. We find the best products and the best prices so that our customers have an quick and easy shopping experience.


We carry an awesome selection of organic, specialty and local grocery, freezer and dairy foods. Sorry, you won’t find supermarket items here, but we like it that way. Best yet, we’ve negotiated fiercely to bring you these quality items at the lowest possible prices every single day. My oh my, it’s a sight to behold.


We pride ourselves on our phenomenal (mostly local) produce and our incredible deals. When we buy from local farms, we know that the quality will be top-notch and the prices will be rock-bottom. Because we don’t pay high shipping costs, our cost is much lower and we can pass those excellent savings on to you.


The coolest thing about our bulk selection is that you can get nuts, snacks, cereals, baking goods and most importantly chocolate-covered goodies in a size that’s perfect for you. Whether it’s a cup-full or a bag-full, you decide exactly how much or how little you want. And because bulk items are not packaged, we save on packaging costs and pass those savings on to you. No packaging also means less impact on the environment.


Though we love having you around, we understand that you’re very busy and want delicious, healthy meals in a snap. That’s why we’ve stocked our Deli section with terrific grab n’ go meals, fresh salads, and gourmet sandwiches. You’ll also find a hot soup bar, fresh salad bar with a ton of unique toppings, and a tempting antipasto bar filled with olives, artichokes, pasta salads, stuffed peppers and an array of other goodies. While you’re there, check out fantastic cheeses which we’ve got at incredible prices.


While we don’t have a full-service butcher, we have a fantastic selection of fresh meats. From grass-fed beef to organic chicken, marinated meats to fresh fish, we’re passionate about bringing you excellent meats at great prices.


We get fresh bread delivered to us daily from local artisan bakery, Bread & Cie. We’re talking fresh, crusty loaves just begging for some spreadable butter. We’ve also got Julian pies, fresh pastries, muffins, and cookies at rock-bottom prices. See, we’re all about value. And that means we can enjoy a carb-filled existence without breaking the bank.

Wine & Beer

We’ve got 100 wines priced $5 or less. We’ve also got over 300 wines under $10. Every day. We’ve worked hard, painstakingly tasting each of our wines (sigh), to bring you great wines and great prices. We buy in bulk which is why our prices are so low. We’re also pretty passionate about bringing you the latest and greatest local and imported beers that you won’t find everywhere else.

Good stuff that you just do not eat

We’re talking natural, safe-for-the-environment cleaning products, all-natural health and beauty items, gourmet kitchen supplies, and all-natural human grade pet food – all things you should NOT serve for dinner tonight.

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