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Trendy Foods We’re Loving Right Now


Each year, more than 70,000 foodies gather for a weekend of eating, exploring and more eating at the Natural Products Expo. The event showcases the best of all-natural products for good-food aficionados (us) to taste test, bring back and stock our shelves.


This year, four trends stood out among the feeding frenzy.

Korean Cuisine
Whether for frozen meals or grab n’ go, Korean entrees are in right now. We love the spicy and savory flavors and welcome kimchi into our lives with open arms.

Paleo and Plant-Based Protein
You may have heard of Paleo – the “caveman” diet popularized by athletes. According to this year’s Natural Products Expo, Paleo isn’t just for exercise enthusiasts. It seems that high-protein meals and plant-based protein sources are more prevalent than ever.

Bone Broth
Chicken, beef, fish – anything with bones can be made into high-nutrient bone broth. Full of vitamins and collagen, bone broth is quickly joining the list of delicious superfoods.

Gluten-Free Everything
No surprise here – gluten-free products remain all the rage. Fortunately for all of us, they get tastier every year. At Barons, you can find all of our gluten-free products located in one section of the store for quick, relaxed shopping.


We expect to see these items popping up in a variety of places, but we’ll bring only the best selection and the best prices to your local Barons Market. Think of us as your grocery Sherpa – we’re here to guide you through the joyful experience of trying new foods. Cheers to a year of adventurous eating.

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