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Staying Cool with Specialty Sodas

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Looking for ways to beat the summer heat? Barons Market has you covered with more than 65 specialty sodas in stock. Specialty sodas are craft concoctions made with very high-quality ingredients or old-fashioned sodas reminiscent of the fountains during the “soda jerk” era.

Try incorporating our refreshing specialty sodas into fun warm-weather drinks this season. For the kids, our old fashioned root beer makes incredible ice cream floats and you can turn any flavor of soda into one of these fizzy popsicles.

Traditional cocktails get an exciting twist when you add untraditional flavors. Mix the best Mule you’ve ever had by combining real Ginger Beer or Maple Bacon soda and your bourbon of choice. For a refreshing backyard barbeque beverage or something to sip on during a warm evening, combine Huckleberry flavored soda and vodka.

Our most popular specialty sodas vary between old and new flavors. Classics such as Bubble Up, Coca Cola and Crush in a glass bottle evoke a sense of nostalgia that is hard to pass. On the other hand, unique craft sodas like Leninade, Main Root Ginger Brew and Saranac Shirley Temple provide a bubbly break from standard choices.

While generic soda brands might seem like the safe bet, they don’t provide the high quality and unique flavor profiles consistent with specialty sodas. You won’t see flavors like Bitter Lemon, Huckleberry, Maple Bacon, Vanilla Cream and Real Ginger Root Beer lining the aisles at most grocery stores, but then again, Barons isn’t like most grocery stores.


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