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Behind the Scenes of a Barons Food Panel

Food Panel Group

Barons Market promises a ten-minute shopping experience, delicious products and the best possible prices. With these guarantees, it’s no wonder people often ask how we make it happen.

The answer is simple: a bit of teamwork and a lot of tasting.

Every week, our managers hold a panel to taste each potential product before it makes it onto our shelves. Our managers pack a small room to passionately debate whether or not a product is good enough for our customers.


Food Panel Todd

Take pasta sauce as an example. Have you ever noticed how many different types of pasta sauces are available in a typical grocery store? All you want to do is make spaghetti, and you’re overwhelmed with the options for sauce. At Barons, we taste all the all-natural options before they make it to our shelves and choose only the very best ones to carry. We’re here to save you from facing 20 pasta sauce options and trying to blindly decide which one might taste best.

Food Panel Oscar

Think of us as your personal shopper. We do the evaluating so you don’t have to. When we taste new products, we assess them based on the following questions:

• Do you like this product?
• Do you like the taste?
• Do you like the price?
• Are the ingredients all-natural?
• Do you like the packaging?
• Is it properly labeled?
• Would you buy this again?

Food Panel Kind

If a product wins a majority vote, we do our best to bring it to your local Barons Market. If we love the product but the price is too high, we try to negotiate it down so you don’t pay too much for the good stuff.

When a product makes it to our shelves, it’s safe to say we’ve already spent hours discussing it, tasting it and deciding if it gets the Barons seal of approval – which only about ten percent of products do.

Food Panel Buzz Beans

We also discuss customer requests and trends at our food panel meetings. The things you say to us in the store make it to the meetings and we figure out how to meet your needs. Have you been on the hunt for organic snacks? Let us look into that. Did you try an outstanding dip at a farmers market? Let us know – it could make an appearance in our next food panel. We want what you want, and this is how we make it happen.

We understand that tasting delicious food every week may not seem like hard work, but it remains at the core of Barons Market. We would never offer products that we wouldn’t feed our families or ourselves, and as our customers, you are part of the Barons family. Every time you shop with us, you can have the confidence that what you’re choosing from is what we have in our pantries – and we like to think we have pretty good taste.

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