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What our customers are saying

We think we’re a pretty neat operation, but don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have told us:

I love this store! No gimmicks, no sales, no coupons. You guys have really great prices!

– Rancho Bernardo customer

My kids love the taste of your milk and they will not drink any other kind. How can you sell it so cheap?

– Point Loma customer

I love your produce prices. This is the best.

– Wildomar customer

You are putting so much thought into every product you bring in. I’ll be a regular customer forever.

– Rancho Bernardo customer

How can you sell these quality products at such low prices?

– Temecula customer

Wow! You guys have a wicked beer selection.

– Wildomar customer

This is one stop shopping at it’s best. I don’t have to go to those other places anymore.

– Wildomar customer

Okay this is one of our favorite comments from one of our Point Loma customers,

I was all set to buy a new house until I realized that it’s 20 minutes from your store. I just could not make the move. I have to live next to you guys.

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